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SilentMaster central vacuums are manufactured in the United States by MD Manufacturing Inc. Based in Bakersfield, California. MD have been manufacturing central vacuums for over 45 years and are one of the worlds leading producers of built-in central vacuum systems. The company manufactures units under various brand names, of which, SilentMaster®
and AirForce® are their premium products.

About 10 years ago, the company realized that the web would play a growing role in both marketing and the education of consumers, and today has an industry acclaimed web site of over 5000 pages dedicated to the central vacuum industry. Give them a visit to learn, compare and see why a Central Vacuum System from MD is a sound investment (follow the MD link on the right)
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 Healthy air
Home value
Less noise
Cost savings
7 reasons to have a central vacuum
1)Healthy air
Central vacuum systems totally eliminate the recirculation of dirty air inside your living area. All the hype about allergens, including dust mites is true!  Read what the EPA, American Lung Association, US News and World Report, and others have to say. The long term benefits are amazing.
2) Vacuum power
With 3-5 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuum cleaners you get a superior clean in less time. Since the central vacuum is located in the garage or basement it can have bigger heavier motors. This power will give a deep down clean and pick up that thread you usually have to go over three times to pick up. The standard model recommended has an airflow of 262 l/s  (litres per second), compared with 85-128 l/s from a portable.
3) Convenience
Just connect the lightweight hose to any conveniently located inlet. No heavy unit to pull,push or drag upstairs, no switches, and electrical cords to keep tripping over.
4) Home value
As with other built-in appliances, investing in a central vacuum system increases the market value of your home. For less than the cost of a high-end portable vacuum, you can buy a central vacuum and watch the resale value of your home increase.
5) Less noise
MD SilentMaster eliminates the loud, irritating noise of portable vacuum cleaners because the power unit is not only acoustically insulated, it is located outside you living area. Important phone calls will be heard, the baby will sleep, and the favorite TV program will not be disturbed.
6) Versatility
Dozens of attachments designed to clean any type of surface: carpeting, wood and tile floors, drapes, furniture, corners, crevices, staircases, ceiling fans, mini blinds, cars, etc.
7) Cost savings
Saves you money by greatly prolonging the life of your carpeting and furniture due to the increased, deep-down cleaning power. A central vacuum is one of the best investments you can make in your new home.
Why a Central Vacuum System
dust mite
Clean hard to reach
mini blind attachment
Clean stairs safely
clean under furniture
What is a Central Vacuum
A central vacuum system consists of a central power unit, normally situated in the garage, store room or cupboard. A network of PVC pipes then connect the inlet valves, situated throughout the house to the power unit. Inlet valves are located in such a way as to ensure that all areas of the residence can be vacuumed. All dirt and debris vacuumed passes along the pipework to the central power unit.
This ensures that 100% of the vacuumed dirt is removed from the living areas.
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